Touched Down in Mexico!

Woohoo!!! Finally I know the feeling of being a foreigner! Zach and I got here safely in the beautiful city of Mérida. The whole language barrier didn’t seem to occur to me as being that big of a deal before coming down… But wow… That really shows me I’ve got some work to do. After leaving the Lugo’s home Thursday morning, Zach puked all over Tim’s car and got covered in what looked like oatmeal and stank of nasty sour milk. It was a good way to start off the day of the final flights from LA>Houston>Mérida. This morning (friday) Geo took us around through the city to do a little shopping and get what we need for food and we met up with some of Geo’s “gang” for lunch. It was just a nice little preview for what we’ll be expecting when meeting up with the rest of the witnesses serving here in English. I’ll have some nice pictures posted soon. Love you all! Buenos Noches.


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