Day cuatro!

So far we’ve spent 3 nights with Geo and 4 days. This morning we had the privilege of going to the meeting and getting to know just about every publisher whether it was before or after the meeting. Everyone here is very kind and are VERY happy to have made the opportunity to reach out and help in a foreign language. About 85% of the publishers helping in the congregation don’t even have English as their first language. How amazing of an example they have set for me to reach outside of my comfort zone and feel like I must help in Spanish back home in the states! I’ll post up a picture the next few days of the whole congregation and you’ll get to see all their smiling faces. Until then, it’s just been raining like crazy, and because they don’t have good drainage systems, you’ll see LOTS of flooding in the streets as seen below. Anywho… I hope I’m keeping you up to date enough for now. And I’ll keep y’all posted on some experiences we find in the ministry this week. Love and miss you all!

This is the outside of our humble abode. Geo’s home is very nice and simple, more pictures of the inside coming soon!

Banana and Nutella crepe tastes awesome!

And we think we get it bad back in Oregon… Pssh!


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