Ministry Result Updates!

Woo… So Zac and I have been keeping very busy the last couple days out in service and have finally been able to find some English speakers! It really depends on the territory that you get that will determine how many English speakers we will find. It seems that the more poor areas are a lot harder to find English speakers compared to the ones with more money. But since we’ve been pushing it really hard this last week in the ministry, Zac and I now have a total of 10 possible studies. The awesome thing about that number is that with finding English speakers, Zac has found only ONE person who speaks English that wasn’t interested. So just about anyone we can find that speaks english is more than likely interested. It has been such an encouraging opportunity we’ve been able to have while being down here. I can’t get enough of it! Oh and by the way, sorry about not having the video interview of Geo up yet. Our schedule is so busy and tiring that we don’t usually get home from service until 8:30 or so. Evening witnessing really is effective! But… when we finally get home, we’re exhausted. We did shoot an interview just the other night, but are going to redo it so that it’s not 18 minutes long for 11 questions. He talks a lot. 😉 So that’s all I can update y’all with right now. Zac and I miss you all very much and can’t wait to be home with you all soon. But until then, we must soak this amazing experience up and make the most of it! Love you all!


A day in la ministry.

Zach and I are very much getting use to the lifestyle down here. We wake up, do service and when lunchtime ends it’s time for a siesta (or nap) back home in our hammocks. Before I got down here, I heard but could never understand why everyone would just decide to take a nap in the middle of the day, but after doing a morning of service in the cooking hot sun, or doing anything in the heat here helps me understand that now. For the locals, this is the “cold season”. But even then, they’re all still sweating as we go door to door and walk the streets looking for english speakers. So far I’ve only been able to get just a few people home, but they ended up speaking no english… So! The search continues. Sure, we can’t find any english speakers home, but we can still have fun doing it! Attached are some pictures from yesterday with some of the friends as we did some “secluded territory” just 10 minutes or less from their town territory. Have a beautiful day and keep posted!

Adrian, Geo and me cooling off in the shade with some nice agua

Cooling off with a normal (but nasty) combo of fruit, powdered chili and salt.

This spider scared me so hard that I jumped onto the sidewalk and grabbed Geo so he wouldn’t die from this nasty thing!

This Kingdom Hall is used every day of the week. 5 congregations, 1 kingdom hall. They’re growing!