A Tree Holding on for Dear Leaf!

A Tree Holding on for Dear Leaf!

One of the several trees surrounding the sinkhole of the cenote that’s roots kept on growing downward until it could find some stable ground.


I have man? – The Importance of Accuracy

Coming down to Mexico has really helped bring back all the spanish that I learned from 3 years throughout Junior High and High School. However… finding out that I can barely have a conversation with a 3 year old shows that I still have a LOT to learn in Spanish. We don’t really think about it until we really study language, but it is so interesting! Think about it: if just a simple word or even letter of a word is changed, it can change the whole sentence and make things really awkward. For instance:


What I meant: “Tengo hambre!” (I’m hungry!)

What I said: “Tengo hombre!” (I have man!) 


We were at young woman’s home and she was offering to take my glass because I was done drinking from it:

What I meant: “¿Tú quiere?” (Do you want?)

What I said: “¿Te quiero?” (I love you?)


And best for last! I was trying to tell a Mayan brother in spanish what Zach is:

What I said: “My cousin is a pelo roja” (Red Hair)

What Geo heard: “My cousin is a pedo roja” (Red Fart)